Tuesday, July 14, 2015

RO2: travel

16 people and 16 bags with 800 pounds of supplies plus our carryons and personal bags were bound for Sintelec, Romania.  Our adventure started Friday afternoon because travel is definitely an adventure.  Especially when travel involves a flight across nothing but ocean.  Flying is not my favorite.  Flying above a surface that is not landable is pretty much the worst!  When you fly you realize how little control you have over anything.  We all like to think we can control things but then the time comes where you are reminded that your life is always in another's hands.  Thankfully I know that my creator holds me in his hands and holds a huge metal plane flying thousands of miles above the Earth!

We flew from Atlanta to Paris, Paris to Budapest, and then rode in a van from Budapest to Sintelec where we were staying.  We finally arrived at Belief in Motion around 11 pm their time which was almost exactly 24 hours after we started our journey.  Exhaustion was a common theme among us.  I slept on the plane because I used Zach as my pillow but many didn't so every chance we got to sit still after our flights was nappy time!  When we got there most everyone was tucked in bed asleep but Lacey, Kalep and Nikki welcomed us with hugs and delicious chicken noodle soup.

It took awhile to settle down that first night, well it took awhile to settle down every night but that's what happens with a bunk room full of females!  Although I could already tell a huge difference in my comfort level having been there before there was still that building anxiety in regards to what the week was going to entail, what would I see, how would I respond, would it drag on or fly by.  Added to that was the fact that I was already missing my babies BIG TIME.  It will never cease to amaze/frustrate me on how fast fear can move into your field of vision and distort everything you are looking at.

I sat in my top bunk praying that I wouldn't fall out because I was in the ONLY one without a safety rail!  I was also praying for my week ahead.  An excerpt from my journal reads,

Lord, help me first to be kind and have courage (I watched Cinderella on the plane).  Help me rest in your strength and not my own.  Guide my actions, words and facial expressions and let your love come across in all I do.

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  1. That is so exciting! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.