Saturday, July 18, 2015


On Sunday morning the sun came up and it came up early.  5am with sun streaming in like noon is not my favorite thing to wake up to and thankfully I forced myself back to sleep for a couple more hours.  All was forgotten however, when I stepped outside and got my second first view of the outdoors.  The Romanian countryside is one of the most beautiful landscapes you will see.  It is so very European with it's clay tile roofs, rolling farm lands and bales of hay spotting the skyline.  It is one of my favorite things to look at and I had forgotten how much I missed it until I was given the chance for another glimpse.

Sundays at belief in motion are full of worship and rest as they should be.  We started the morning how we would start every morning, with breakfast and a devotional.  Every year they plan a different chapter of the bible to read, dig through and discuss.  This year it was the whole book of 1 John  and each day we were asked to read the whole book on our own.  Then together we read a section and discussed a different section and let the words enter our hearts in hopes that they would remain there ready to appear when we need it, which is, of course, always.

We also got to meet the interns, gives hugs to the familiar faces, and see new ones.  Apart from the 16 in our group were 3 from Tennessee, 3 from Statesboro, GA and 4 from Loganville, GA.  After a church service for us and any villagers who wanted to come we had lunch and spent a couple hours unpacking and separating our 800 pounds of supplies.  Included in the bags were underwear, socks, undershirts, toys, soccer balls, vitamins, other medication, food desires for the Bruskis and 100s of pounds of candy!!  

After a much needed naptime, Aaron, leader of the Bruski family, took us on a tour.  Although 14 of the 16 of us had been there before there were so many new things to see!  So many new things have been added to the ministry since our last trip and it was so encouraging to see the different and fun ways God has provided so that they are better able to serve the Romanians and Roma alike.  They have huge hearts for these people and provide many services to them and for them and while each is good and needed the point of them all is to be able to share the Gospel and make disciples in this tribe and tongue.

Our day ended on the hill and there could not been a more perfect way to do it.  It was our first chance to spend time with the children in Sintelec and if I hadn't already been overjoyed at our chance to be there this would have pushed it over the edge.  We played ball, we jump roped, we smiled, we practiced our Romanian phrases and we loved each other.  I met Denisa and Andrea and Natalia who I continued to get to know and love as the week went by and they will be burned into my memory and have a place in my prayers for forever.  

I would love to end every day at home this way.  Playing until the light is barely there, laughing and enjoying the company around me until the last possible moment.  

Hearts were full.

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