Friday, June 23, 2017

auburn baseball

On May 7th between Connor's party day and actual birthday, we took the boys to Auburn to watch our Tigers play baseball.  Because Auburn is the midway point between us and my family, we invited them to join in on the fun.  

So that we could get a chance to walk around campus a bit, we got there a few hours early.  We visited the University Bookstore for some goodies.  Those goodies did NOT include the fake hair Logan is sporting in the pictures, but they did include a new hat for Connor for his birthday and some AU fidget spinners.

The game was supposed to start at 4:30 which means it would be done around 7:30 which would put us home, with the time change, around 10:30.  A little late for a school night and the night before Connor's birthday but we figured it would worth it for the fun experience.  However, the 3 hour game kept stretching and stretching until it became a 6 hour game that made it into the 14th inning before we finally called it quits.  

Even though we got home at 2am and even though I had to stay awake even a little longer to prepare Connor's birthday chalkboard message and presents and even though we, especially the parents, were completely EXHAUSTED for days after.  It was still worth the fun memories that we won't soon be forgetting!!

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