Friday, June 23, 2017

birthday party adventures

For Connor's 8th birthday party we had an afternoon of adventures at our house.  He and his friends who were able to make it started off the party by biking the Oxford Bike Trails with Zach.  Then it was home to climb the rock wall, and play wiffle ball and more wiffle ball and more wiffle ball.  Two of the three friends there he has played on teams with and they love to play whenever they get a chance!

It took some doing, but we convinced them to take a break long enough for dinner and ice cream cake, though as soon as they had swallowed the last bits they were back at it again!

Connor had such a fun time celebrating.  The time together went by way too quickly and reminded me that we need to have friends over as often as we can this summer.  We love sharing our home with friends of all ages!

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