Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Newton Green All Stars

There are a lot of emotions that could go into this post.  Mainly stemming from what ifs that were so close these boys could taste them.  But, our paths our planned for a reason, and for whatever one, these guys had to build character for the future down a difficult road ending in a hard fought game and a second place finish.

Micah was drafted on the Newton Green giving him his first experience in All Stars and he was elated.  He and his teammates practiced hard for weeks, learned new skills and grew a ton as individuals and teammates.  At the district tournament they fought hard and won their first game but the next day, after a difficult pitching inning from one of our boys, they lost by one and instead of the easy road to the championship game they took the rough one.

Our boys played 7 games in three days.  Two of the days had them playing three games back to back to back with no breaks.  They won everything they needed to to advance to the championship game and gave and gave until they had nothing left to give.  To their parents that 2nd place finish was a result of hard work and dedication from our boys.  While there were many tears from Micah on the way home and disappointment from missing something by mere inches, we couldn't not convey to him enough how proud we were of him and how impressed we were with his talent.  He played the best I've ever seen him play and while the results were not what we wanted, I pray he sees the successes made and is able to have the opportunity to show his skills in this venue again.

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