Monday, June 26, 2017

field day fun 2017

The end of the year in school means Field Day.  The boys look forward to it all year and it never fails to disappoint.  They were on separate days this year, so we were able to watch them both compete in all of their activities.

Connor won 4th place in the Free Throw competition and 2nd place in the 4x100 relay.  His class won several ribbons but they were most proud of their 2nd place finish in the Tug of War tournament at the end of the day.

Micah's field day was fun, intense, and loud.  He didn't compete in any individual events but won 1st place in the scooter race, 1st in the cup stacking relay, and 3rd in the 4x100 relay.  His class also did a great job and won a lot of blue ribbons as well! 

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