Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Braves baseball

For the Spring season since he was 5 years old, Micah had a different coach.  Connor's All Star coach from last year, Brent Stapp, drafted him and wouldn't let him go.  While Micah was a bit nervous at first, it ended up being a great thing.  He learned a lot, perfected some skills, and grew a ton as a ball player with these new voices coaching him.  We still missed our old coach and ball friends but were very thankful for the results that came.

Micah had his best season yet, ending 10-1, made new friends, and was drafted by the Green All Star team at the end of his season.

There were definite times of frustration and plenty of parenting from us and character building for him, but he is a better person because of it.

Next year Micah moves on to a new league and is excited about continuing forward in his baseball "career".

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