Friday, June 23, 2017

connor turns 8

Our sweet, tough, sensitive, hilarious Connorconnor turned 8.  This boy has such a spirit of adventure and independence and one day He is most definitely going to fly and I just pray he desires to come down to his roots occasionally.  

His birthday day started with his chalkboard welcome message and a breakfast of BoBerry biscuits and presents.  He received Lloyd's dragon Ninjago Lego set, a Rainbow Loom, and catcher's gear.

After school he worked on his Lego set until Zach got home and then they immediately started catching lessons.  He can not wait to move up into the league where the catcher actually matters!  His fearless personality will carry him far in that position however his sensitivity to pain might get in the way.  We'll see which one wins out!

For his birthday dinner, Connor chose Tokyo and once again he, Zach and Micah demolished 40 pieces of sushi.  During dinner he had his annual birthday interview.  Their answers always crack me up and make me thankful that they are growing up so well with so many interests and yet hang on to many of the same things throughout the years.

8th Birthday interview

favorite color- blue, purple, black (aka Rockies colors)
favorite food- sushi, crab, shrimp, salad
favorite snack- spicy hot funions, buffalo chicken roller (from QT)
favorite dessert- ice cream cake
favorite drink- all the mountain dews
favorite sport- baseball, football
favorite sports teams- Rockies, Auburn, USA
favorite athletes- Tyler Chatwood, Cam Newton
favorite games- Clue, Koob, Monopoly
favorite friends- Mican, Noah, Trenton, Kaden, Jake, and Zach
favorite TV show- Ninjago, Mythbusters, Man vs Wild, Curious George, Brain Games
favorite movie- Star Wars 3, Pirates 1, 2, and 3, 3 Ninjas

When I grow up I want to be a baseball catcher

Connor you are the perfect middle man to our trio and we love you oh so very much!

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