Friday, July 25, 2008

brownies and boxers

Yes I am very aware brownies and boxers is an odd post title and scary combination depending on what you are talking about. However when they concern Micah it can be nothing but adorable.

Yesterday morning Stephanie called to see if we wanted to have dinner at their apartment with her, Justin and her parents, who were up from Louisiana helping with their new house. Cindy (Steph's mom) had apparently been craving dessert and I volunteered/was volunteered to make it, which I totally didn't mind because I too love me some dessert. I decided to make brownies for the chocolate lovers (me, Cindy and Justin) and cherry Jello for the others (Steph and Zach). I pulled a chair up to the island for Micah to stand on so he can watch/help (p.s. Auntie Stephanie Micah might want a mini-me apron for Christmas...just sayin!) I kept telling him what I was putting in the bowl and he was repeating the words (he now knows what eggs are when he sees them). After I had the batter in the pan I turned to check the oven and the dear boy was putting his finger smack dab in the middle of the baking dish. Of course I didn't get it on camera so I told him he could do it again which he definitely had no trouble with. He never got a finished brownie though, sad for him because they were yum-o!!

Now for the boxers! This morning Micah was helping me sort laundry and by sort I mean taking the dirty clothes out of their respective piles and dragging them around the house. At one point he was walking in and out of his room carrying a pair of Zach's boxers. After a couple trips he brought them to me and said "awwwwwnnnnnnnn" which mean 'on' in the world of his adorable southern drawl. I put them on him and then twisted the back and tucked it into the back of his diaper. So funny and cute! He wore them for about 5 minutes and kept looking at his back trying to figure out how they were staying up. I guess once he was confident they weren't going to fall he ran up and down the hallway in them. He is so cute...but he is such a goober!


  1. Too cute!!!! Can I have him? I want him even more because he doesn't want me - that's the way it goes!! ;)

  2. Micah and Isabella will both be great cooks one day. She LOVES to eat the brownie batter. I am right there with her. He crackes me up checking out the back of the boxers.

  3. Hmmmm. Are you trying to create a little chocoholic? Then you can always blame it on Micah when you want brownies! YUMMY!

    The pictures of Micah in Zach's boxers are really cute! Just don't let him get ahold of your undies! :)