Friday, July 18, 2008

home again!

What pitiful blogging! I am ashamed (hear voice of Jacques from Nemo)!

I have been visiting my family in Enterprise the last week and had high hopes of taking tons of pictures while I was there and blogging every night about what we did. However my hubby HAD to have the camera because he was taking pictures of some new friends of ours so that left me cameraless. Thus another reason I need a small hand held digital to take everywhere just in case!

Mrs. Vickey, a wonderful friend of my mother's and also known as my shopping mama, let us borrow her camera so I could take shots of my sister and her little girl and the rest of our outings in Enterprise. So I did get the tons of pictures I was hoping for but I had no way of downloading them on to my mother's computer. I stole the memory card to bring home and since it does not fit my camera I am forced to go find one of those little digital thingies at a store and get a picture cd so that I can come home, download the pictures, edit them, and send them to my ol' tried and true snapfish account for the masses to see. The trouble we go through to store memories!

So this is all to say though I am sorry for leaving my tens of viewers with nothing to read from the mays be prepared for a few posts on my visit to Enterprise, AL. I had a great time and it went by waaaaaayyyyyy to fast but I am definitely excited to be back with Zach and all my bestest friends that I hope missed me so much because I sure missed them!


  1. You have no idea how much we missed you! I am glad that you had a fabulous time with the fam! I'm sure your mom was in heaven having you, Jen, and the babies home! pencil me in for a day next week!

  2. I'm glad you had a fabulous time...your father was already moaning about missing grandchildren last night....I have to relearn the art of "down-cooking" again! Tim was in bed at 7:15 however! We wore him out! Love you....

  3. hey doll. welcome home. i'm glad you had a good trip home.
    we'll have to finish our chat soon. until then. . .

  4. You were missed indeed! So super glad you are back.=) I love you!!!