Monday, July 28, 2008

When it rains...

It pours! On Friday my brain was full...I mean packed to the brim with tiredness and responsibility. I know you may not think that would make your brain full but it does. The constant concentration of being in charge. Last week was a loooonnnnngggg one. My living room was trashed for many days in a row because of the construction Zach was doing, I had to attend a funeral for the mother of a precious friend of ours from church, and make dinner for another friend from church who delivered her baby boy 5 weeks early! Zach had three nights of music stuff and the one night he was home we were finishing up the built-in entertainment center (which is awesome, but I'll post pics later) By Friday I think I just snapped or something (not in a mean wenchy way, but in a I don't think I can handle being in charge of everything for one more second way)

Micah and I had just gotten home from attempting to pick up my hair straightener from Leslie's (which is where I got dressed for the funeral) with no avail because she had stepped out for a few minutes. On the way home it started pouring and that's when I started praying...finally. I still don't understand what possesses us to wait until we're at our wits end. When will we learn we can handle NOTHING! Oh well, maybe one day. When I drove into the garage I felt an urge to just sit and enjoy so Micah and I sat at the edge of the garage and just stared out at the water pouring from the sky and rushing down the streets. Instantly a song came to my mind. Mr. Dan, our beloved music minister and great family friend, sang this a lot at church when I was growing up and the words just washed over me this particular afternoon.

It's beginning to rain rain rain hear the voice of the father Saying whosoever will come and drink from the water I will pour my spirit on my sons and my daughters If you're thirsty and dry look up to the sky It's beginning to rain

I/We need to remember that when it feels like it's raining on us and we can't get out it's because God wants us to focus on the fact that He is reigning. Usually when I feel overwhelmed with the constancy of life it's because I've forgotten to look up to the sky and see His Spirit that pours down on me. Wow! Anybody else like this...ever? Surely I am not the only one.

So I wish I could say that I immediately learned my lesson and felt better, but I didn't. It's only tonight, as I am again sitting listening to the rain that I understood completely what God was trying to tell me Friday afternoon. Now I can look through the pictures I took of Micah playing in that rain and see the glory of the reign. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Ok....that one needed a warning label to have tissues handy! It is amazing how the Lord uses simple things for big lessons.