Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knuckles or NuNu

Micah has many aunts and uncles...I mean MANY! With just Zach and my siblings there are 11 (13 if you count Jered who is marrying Zach's sister and Krista who will be entering the family sooner than later if Andrew has anything to do with it). Each (especially on Zach's side) claims to be the favorite. I do not want to burst any bubbles, but I can tell you my younger brother Tim and Zach's youngest brother Joel are close to having top rank at the present moment.

A few weeks ago while I was at the Deeper Still conference Zach was in Gainesville, GA with his family. I'm not sure how much rest he gets while he's there because his aunts and uncles play with him, pass him around, teach him things CONSTANTLY. It's pretty amusing.

During this particular weekend Joel taught him how to do 'knuckles' which is when one person makes a fist and bangs it against another person's fist. I thought it was still referred to as 'pound it' but apparently that just proves my lack of coolness. Since this lesson Micah has been doing it all the time. After the normal high five people give Micah to make him actually pay attention to them instead of his mama (another post). He always balls up his cute little fist and says "nunu" so that they will give him 'knuckles' It is so darn cute and apparently makes him much cooler than his parents, but that wasn't going to take much. Sorry Zach...you're still cooler than me though!

It's so funny to me how kids pick things up so easily, but then again it also worries me!

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  1. Precious! Maybe he can teach Braden "nunu" tomorrow!