Friday, August 8, 2008

Can we build it...

Yes we can!!! Finally! Apparently in the world of baby information they are supposed to be able to stack things at 12 months...not in this household. I bought Micah foam blocks when he was 8 months and then bought him mega blocks for Christmas. They might as well have been chew toys because no block building went on at all. Oh well!

This week he finally decided that he would start building with his blocks. Yay! We sat down one night and he all of a sudden started stacking away. I know this picture shows a rather advanced tower but that's just because we were playing together. I'd love to say it was a product of his imagination but no one in their right mind would believe that! Since this night he has gotten better and better at putting his blocks together. Check that milestone off the list!


  1. And I was so worried that he was a little "slow!" You needed to give him an erector set...He just thinks these are too simple!

  2. I knew he would start building/stacking one day. He was just too busy tearing things down becuase that is way more fun than staching them up. Go Micah!!! Side note- that tearing them down always makes me think of the scene in Pretty Women where Richard Gere is talking about his job and breaking companies apart and selling them off piece by piece. Maybe Micah will do the same thing and make bunches of $$$.

  3. Seriously Sarah....Were you worried? He doesn't need to be able to build. He already has the vocabulary of a 10 year old!