Monday, August 11, 2008

ready, go

These are the words Micah says before he falls flat on the floor, with no thought at all to his own safety!

We aren't sure who started it first but we do know that after seeing a movie we, along with Matt and Leslie, picked up Micah and Isabella only to have Magda tell us that they had been throwing themselves on the floor pretty much the whole time we were gone. (not in a tantrum'y' way though!)

That was about a month ago but they're both still going strong. I haven't been able to get a picture of them together but to give you a mental picture just think of the synchronized divers from the Olympics. Perfect unison mattress crashing. Anything semi soft looking is the only thing needed; pillows, sorted laundry, rolled up blankets, dog bed, bean bag the list goes on and on...he is not picky!

This trait came straight from his father I assure you. I am not one to, without hesitation, perform death defying acts. I know an 18 month old falling 2 feet onto a bean bag does not seem death defying however it's only a warm up I'm sure. I've seen bungee jumpers and they have the same nonchalant looks on their face before they go off the tower. It's in his blood. Zach and his brothers will jump off, over, and on anything they can create with the objects at hand. Hopefully they learn as time goes by that if they want Micah to join I better not know about it and he better come back in one piece!


  1. The first pic makes me think of a gymnast about to start his apparatus...or "sticking" his landing! Too much olympic observations!!!!!

  2. I really like the dog bed one...especially Herschel's!!! haha I'm so glad he is easily ammused!!