Friday, August 29, 2008

cars and girls

Aren't these supposed to be boys' two favorite things?

Yesterday Micah and I made a (very) makeshift track and ramp for his beloved cars. We would love to add to his collection, but I'm holding out for the fall consignment sales. Meanwhile if you've got any cars that need a good home steer them our way! So anyway, Micah loves playing with his cars but they don't roll well on the carpet and I am tired of having my legs and arms be a race track so I got one of our camping tables out of the garage along with some scrap wood and this is what happened.

I'm going to use some spare black paint and attempt to paint some roads on the table...we'll see how that works out!

In other news, while Bella will forever hold top billing, well at least in our minds, we had a new female visitor today. My friend Ashley is going on a well deserved, child free, beach weekend and Micah and I got to entertain her adorable little Maddie for the day. She's 4 months younger than Micah but half his size...her personality however is over the top! She and Micah have had a fun bonding day until of course she touched one of his cars. He ended up sharing though...that a boy!


  1. I LOVE the picture of Micah in the bathtub. Too cute!!! Isabella thinks (Maddie- I already forgot her name) is her when she was a baby. Fun times.

  2. Well why would any other female be hanging out with her man!?