Monday, August 18, 2008

jam packed

Wow did we have a loooonnnngggggg weekend, but not in that good way. Well I shouldn't say that. All of the things we did were good (mostly) but when you add them all together you sit back and think why on earth did I plan all that in two days.

Friday evening: Zach had a music thing in Old Town Conyers which he went to directly after work. Micah, Daisy and I (after spending the day running errands, cleaning and packing) met him there at about 8:00. We all left after the concert at 9:30 and drove straight to Gainesville to spend Saturday with the May family and arrived at 11:00 pm.

Saturday: Micah woke up at 8 and we went nonstop playing tennis, ordering wedding flowers, eating lunch, Micah taking the most pitiful nap ever, spending the afternoon at the youth room with video games, ping pong, etc, eating dinner, leaving at 7:45 and arriving back in Conyers (after picking up one car and trading it with someone else) at 9:30.

Sunday: Zach woke up at 5:45 am to do some work before heading to church to do more work music wise. I am in charge of planning social events for our church to promote one-anothering with each other and getting to know new people who will hopefully love us all and want to come to CCC.

Right after church we had planned to go to the Braves/Giants game. Well for some reason schedules seemed to collide BIG TIME and 8 people were only able to go. Boo! So off we went with Micah in tow and preceded to have an unfun Braves day. We left in the 5th inning and it was only by the grace of God we made it that far! I could go on about the afternoon but I don't want to. I'll just say I learned one event to never plan again and got a lesson in staying positive while being honest!

Sunday Night: Zach, Micah and I went to dinner with my friend Kristen and her boyfriend Mike. She was in town all last week at Market buying dresses for her two formal wear stores. It was a great way to end this looonnnggggg weekend though. Micah was goofy but so well behaved, the conversation was relaxing and the food was yummy.

So there you have it...a glimpse into our full plate. My old boss/principal used to say if you wrote down everything you had going on and traded with someone else you'd always want your own back. I am constantly thinking about ways to condense the amount of stuff we do and I'm sure you think that occasionally too. However the more I try the less it seems to work. My goal now is to just try to be a blessing to someone while we are doing all we do and make sure that what we do is glorifying to Him...does it make people see his love through it, does it help us love the ones we are with more and does it draw us closer to Him.

After thinking it through I can see that love grew through this busy'ness'. I love my husband more for being a tool of gospel through music, I love my inlaws more for putting up with us and loving my son as if he was there own, I love my friends more for either suffering through a miserable braves game with us or for changing their plans at the last minute to meet for dinner. But most importantly, I love my Savior more for continuing to give me insight into how the everyday makes me want to be closer to Him.

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  1. Macy's mother is pregnant....Do you want to trade schedules!?