Monday, August 4, 2008

Zoo Atlanta

Yay! Saturday Micah and parents enjoyed his first trip to the zoo. We had an amazing time at Zoo Atlanta with just the three of us. I couldn't even remember the last thing we had done (besides go eat!) just our little family. How sad is that!

Our day started with the tigers of course...War Eagle! She was frisky that morning. She kept running and jumping into the water right in front of the glass. Micah loved it! He kept saying "tider tider" so cute! Unfortunately Zach was changing lenses and didn't get a picture of it but thanks to our friend Adam's zoom lens we got great pics anyway!

Next we continued through the Asia section to see the Pandas. Of course they were all sleeping! Micah loved them because they were laying really close to the window and he could see really well. They are such beautiful animals.

While we were walking around we kept reminding Micah of the animals names and the sounds they make (at least the ones we know!). He is best at the monkeys so that was a definite highlight in the day. We saw Orangutans, Gorillas, Spider Monkeys, and Golden Lion Tamarins which were so darn cute! They were really quick and would chase each other back and forth along the trees. What was really cool is that they weren't really enclosed. They were right in the open of the kids sections. You were close enough to almost reach them, but we didn't!

To get away from the 94 degree weather (yes that's hot!) we hid in the Reptile House for awhile. I looked at a few things but since all those slimy scaly things give me the willies I let Micah take Zach around and show him everything. They had a blast being boys and staring at colorful and oddly shaped frogs, snakes, turtles, lizards and iguanas.

At 11:00 every morning the zoo has elephant training in a special room. We got there just in time to see Tara doing her daily exercises. It is amazing how huge those animals are in person! On the way out Micah wanted to go look at the little elephant statue in front of the viewing area. He did a great job pointing out the little elephant's ears, eyes and nose.

Before lunch we finished the African section of the zoo with my personal favorite...Zebras! Along with their giraffe, rhino, and ostrich friends. We also HAD to see the lions. The new lion cubs weren't out that day but we got to see (and hear) the daddy. He perched himself on his own Pride Rock and bellowed for all the zoo to hear. WOW! I do not see how you can't see God glorified in those creations!

After we devoured our packed lunch (the zoo makes me hungry!) we headed to the kid zone for the petting zoo and train ride. I really thought Micah was going to need a little encouragement to get down amidst all the animals but not at all! He went straight for the goat and petted away. He even tried the brush for a few minutes and of course had to point out the ears, eyes and nose of the sheep.

One of our last events for the day was riding the train which was very fun for our choo choo lovin' boy! He was so big sitting in the seat between us. Gosh when did he grow up!?

It was a fun, hot, family filled day and we all had a blast! It was definitely worth it but we were definitely worn out by the end...can you tell??


  1. how amazing are so glad i got to help (a little)...thanks for including the world in the day...

  2. What great pics!!! I am glad the little family had a wonderful time together.

  3. what a wonderful post, those pictures were AMAZING!!! so glad that your little family got some q.t. a la carte - you deserve lots and lots of that!
    thank you for sharing!! :)