Friday, August 29, 2008

Do I want it?

Stephanie and Mary have already talked about this for those of you who read their blogs but it was so good hopefully you won't mind hearing about it again.

Our pastor sent us a link to a song that our friend Michael had sent him. WOW! Is all I can say. Listening to it the first time was amazing and so inspiring...but it also makes you think. The song is called Give Me Your Eyes and it talks about asking the Lord to give us His eyes to see what's around us. Making us aware of other's and their lives...really SEEING them.

At first I was just like YES YES I want that and then I thought a little more. Yes of course I want that, but can I handle that. It's kind of like praying for patience. We all know what is going to happen when we pray for have to use it! Having God's eyes to see is going to open me up to all of that heart break that I try to shy away from. It's so much easier to form your own bubble and only let in the hurts and concerns of those you want to...much easier but not quite what we've been called to do.

While I do want to have God's Eyes, I am praying that I WANT to have God's eyes because I know only He can help me do it.

Please listen to the song for yourself and see what you feel/think/want when it's over!

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