Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas eve

We have been home 3 of the last 12 days. I am so not used to that. We've had a great time (and tiring) every where we've gone and I am hoping to write about it before the 'I need to clean and reorganize everything in my house' feelings kick in. Which might be VERY DIFFICULT for me. Especially with the new label maker I got for Christmas!

First things first. Christmas Eve. We had our first Christmas Eve Service at CCC. Having a new building has been such a blessing. It has enabled us to start doing the work we've been hoping to do. It was a simple service. Acoustic set. Children welcome (there was LOTS of coloring going on) Reminders of why Jesus is the best gift. I loved it. We got a great picture of the four of us which made me super excited!

After church we went home and ate a super yummy but late dinner and put the boys to bed. Zach and I watched It's a Wonderful Life (a May family tradition) and then set up Christmas. This was our first Christmas Eve and Morning at our own house and we had NO clue what we were doing and what traditions we want to carry on from each of our families and what we want to start all our own. It might be hit and miss for awhile but it'll be fun to figure out!


  1. Great picture! Before you set in with the label maker, snapfish the pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas! Please....

  2. DO you get all of the Chocolate milk off of Micah's sweater???