Wednesday, December 30, 2009

christmas morning

I can not begin to describe how completely ADORABLE Micah was on Christmas morning, once he woke up that is. Zach and I laid in bed with Connor waiting and waiting. We opened Micah's door hoping he'd wake up with the noise. Finally we just woke him up and reminded him that it was Christmas and he got to open presents. He grabbed blue bear (of course), shuffled down the hall in his Christmas footie jammies and stared at the tree. After a few seconds he looked at us and said there's presents!

We let him sit and stare at the tree a little bit and then Zach was planning on reading the Christmas story from our storybook bible, but we had left it in Enterprise so instead he filmed Micah saying his version of the story. SO CUTE! Stockings came first and it seriously took him TEN minutes to get through the whole thing. He took each item out and lined them up. We had put 8 candy canes hanging on the edge of it and he took them out one at a time and each time said "Here's another candy cane!" He did the same thing with the fruit snacks that were in it. I learned quickly not to give him too many multiples. I'll be sticking with just a sample of each next year :)

He LOVED opening his presents and kept saying "I can use this" after he saw what it was. We kept having to remind him to open another one because he kept playing with each thing. He got a matchbox garage for his cars, a few board games, lacing beads, an awesome remote control car (that zach played with most of the morning), dinosaurs, How do Dinosaur's Go To School (the only thing he asked for), and a few more things. However the things he hasn't stopped carrying around are Doc and Lightning McQueen (from CARS) and two aluminum M&M stocking stuffers.

Connor also seemed to enjoy the morning. He didn't get much this Christmas but Micah picked out two toys for him that he got in his stocking along with some snacks and this AWESOME snack holder that I've wanted for awhile. We also got him some stacking blocks that were all stacked up under the tr
ee. While Zach was filming Micah opening a present you can see Connor in the background knocking the whole thing over on himself. It was pretty funny!!

We ate our 'will be' traditional breakfast of Sticky pullapart buns and hot chocolate and then packed up and headed out to Gainesville for Zach's families Christmas. Zach and I absolutely LOVED waking up at our house Christmas morning and sharing that time with our boys. I can't wait to continue to build memories and traditions with our little family.


  1. So fun! Your boys are so precious :) The toy that Connor is sitting with in that last picture is probably my favorite... a little girl I babysit absolutely LOVES it and so do I :)

  2. How do you post about a video and then not put the video up???