Sunday, December 6, 2009

trimming the tree

Our poor tree sat naked in our living room for almost a week. We had some planned, some unforeseen instances happen this week so there was not one night we were all home together to be able to decorate. Thankfully the Lord is good, all things are well, and we were able to put our 'ormanents' on the tree this past Saturday.

It took awhile for Micah to get the hang of putting ornaments up and he definitely needed guidance but he had a lot of fun with it! He kept bringing me ones that needed to have 'hoods' or hooks for us regular people. Also every time we asked him if he wanted to hang a ball, or a snowman, or whatever, he would say no mama it's an ornament. haha! He is very specific. I have no idea where he got that from ;)

Connor spent the first part of the tree trimming in his high chair and the last part eating a basket. He seemed excited about it though!

I always love going through the ornaments as we hang them up while trying to remember where they each came from. A lot of the ones we have now are mine from when I was growing up. My mom always bought us an ornament every year and we I got married she handed me my box to start my own tree. I am continuing that same tradition with my kids but also stealing an idea from Leslie and having a picture ornament made each year to show their growth. Zach and I also buy an ornament every time we go on a trip to have a memory from the visit and buy a family ornament every year. This has developed into a pretty eclectic grouping. Let's just say if I ever want a themed tree I'll just have to have two in the house because I can never give up the memories these ornaments hold!

Though it will be just for my own keepsake I am doing a post this week showing some of those special ornaments and telling where they are from and what memories they hold. I hope you'll enjoy it too though!

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