Saturday, December 19, 2009

M&M Christmas

We had our annual (not inaugural) Christmas with the Moons Thursday night. This tradition started when Justin was still in Korea. I can't remember where that was or what we did though. So sad :/ The 2nd year was at Stephanie and Justin's apartment and was also Micah's first Christmas. Last year's was in a hotel room before BTLOG at the Ryman, but alas we couldn't go this year (insert lots of tears here) so we had a cozy little dinner and present exchange at our house. It is definitely one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Connor and Silas weren't too interested, but Micah definitely was and loved his gift. They bought him dominoes. It is his favorite toy when he goes to there house. He loves building with them. Our evening was cut a little shorter than normal because of a certain family who had to drive ten hours to south Louisiana, but any time together is good time.

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  1. i think it is funny how connor is looking at silas like "why does he get the present and i don't!"