Monday, April 12, 2010

savannah: day 1

We were going to Statesboro last Thursday for our brother in law's Senior Composition Recital at GSU (Big Deal!) and since it's only 45 minutes from Savannah decided to take our first mini family vacation. We left from the 'boro early Friday morning. Zach's parents, Joel, Katie and Christopher came down for the morning/afternoon also. We walked through a few squares on the way to River Street and then walked along the river for a bit. We spent most of the time together in Forsythe Park (BEAutiful!) having a picnic, playing on the playground and enjoying the beautiful azaleas and of course the fountain.

After Zach's family left we put the boys in the car and drove around the city, across the bridge, and then all the way to Tybee and back so that the boys could get their nap in. At 4 we were able to check in to our hotel. We had a great view and the boys were big fans of staring out the window at the boats and the bridge. We got in some swim time before heading back out to walk around and eat dinner.

We went to the City Market area to eat and then spent the rest of the evening at the fountains there. Micah wanted to run in the water so badly but it was chilly outside so we PROMISED him he could do it the next day when the sun was out.

We headed back to the room around 8:30. I can't say that it was the best nights sleep I have ever gotten but it certainly wasn't the worst!

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