Monday, April 12, 2010

savannah: day 2

We started off the day seeing this FABULOUS view from our window. Notice the big red and white boat in the background. Micah stared at it all morning.

The first stop was River Street Sweets! Candy for breakfast!! Zach and Micah spent a looonnnngggg time at the candy bins picking out exactly how much of each thing to get. Then they spent the rest of the morning eating almost all of it.

We fulfilled our promise to Micah and let him run in the water. As we kind of expected he did it once got kinda of wet and then just walked around them. Zach ran through with him a couple times though and that was pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

For lunch we went to the Pirate House. This was our plan all along because we though Micah would love it however, as soon as we told him we were going there he informed us that he didn't want to eat with the Pirates. We went anyway and as we pulled up in the parking lot he said "This IS the Pirate House." Not quite sure how he knew it but we convinced him it was the Boat House and not the Pirate House and he seemed to be ok with that. He had a great time look at all the ships and actually ate which is a big deal lately. Connor pigged out on the Souther buffet with Zach and myself. It was YUM-O.

The last stop before we went home was the Roundhouse Railroad Museum. Again we assumed Micah would LOVE looking at all the trains. We did not anticipate him FREAKING out when the train blew it's whistle. He seriously melted every time he heard it. Zach and I were great parents and calmed him down every time but we did secretly laugh at his cute pitifulness. He really enjoyed the electric train track and the other miniatures in the landscape. But sadly whenever we got near one of the big trains he yelled "DON'T TURN IT ON!! I don't think he was too scarred by the experience since he talked all about it as soon as we got back in the car.

This was a fantastic weekend. We successfully made it through our first vacation and had a great time doing it!

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