Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what doesn't belong 2

So awhile I go I shared 3 pictures and asked you to name what didn't belong in each one. My friend from college, Tara, guessed it right first. Tara you cracked Zach up when you called out Silas by name! The three things were 1 the car on Micah's cup 2 Silas under the exersaucer and 3 the blue dye all around Connor's mouth.

I have another one to share today but I'll just tell you instead of making you guess.

Do you see it? Last week Micah and I went to Children's Place to get him the last few warm weather items he would need. They had flip flops or slip slops as he calls them 2/$5.00 so we got red soled ones and blue soled ones (he picked). According to my brilliant boy he likes red and blue so why wouldn't he just wear them both at the same time.

He's a fashion pioneer.

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