Tuesday, June 8, 2010

13 months

I know I have posted this picture before but it cracks me UP! Not only that but it totally summarizes how we all feel after this past month...slap worn out!! The short month between Connor's first birthday and now has absolutely flown! We've had two family weddings, the end of preschool, two weeks of full time with 4 kids, a holiday, a photo shoot, an extra weekend visit to Gainesville and weekend visitors from Enterprise. WHEW!! I'm ashamed to say because of all this I was reaching to find pictures of Connor from this past month. I do have one ADORABLE video of him dancing and clapping to his Leap Frog Fridge Farm but I have to wait on Zach to help me post that one because sadly I still, after 3 years of owning the video camera, have no clue how to download anything from it.

There's not too much new going on in the world of Connor except for...
*he is finally out of his pack n' play. We currently did a fruit basket turn over in the house and moved his crib into the playroom so he can be in a real bed. Thankfully the bedding matches the playroom perfectly so my anal brain is happy about that.
*is up to 7 teeth, 4 on top and 3 on bottom.
*can say bubbles (bubba) and uh oh (oh oh) however he refuses to say daisy or bye bye now (either that or I totally just assumed he was saying it but he really wasn't)
*walks everywhere and does a marathon at night. seriously he runs from the couch to the back door over and over.
* loves to dance to any music and LOVES it when Micah dances too.
*has started to kind of catch on to sign language. We've only done more, finished and please...you know the basic manners ;)
* is catching on to certain games. one in particular is chase. He loves to have Zach chase him down the hall and then catch him. You can see him kind of glance back to make sure his daddy is coming.
* likes watching Thomas the Train. Micah has become interested in it lately and it's the only show Connor will stop what he's doing for for at least a few minutes.
*is still my little koala bear and is not happy to go to anyone else if i'm in view.

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