Monday, June 7, 2010

summer fun list

After seeing it on several blogs like this one, I decided to write up a summer fun list. The point is to try to be intentional with all your time off. Being a stay at home mom and not having any children in school yet summer isn't exactly our only time off, however, it's something I want to continue to do for years to come so we might as well start it now. This year I made up the list by myself with things I (and Zach when he's off) want to do with the boys while including things I know they'll just like or would probably choose on their own. In the future they will have a much larger part in making the list with me.

There might be somethings we don't get to and I know they'll be somethings we do that aren't on here but I can't wait to get started and experience the fun and memories checking our 'fun' off the list.

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