Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas with the cardozas

Last night we went over to Matt and Leslie's to eat dinner and exchange our Christmas presents. Leslie had found these super cute sugar cookies decorated like melting snowmen so she had made some for the kids to decorate. They turned out super cute. Well except for Connor's because he kept eating the top of the marshmallow head and it started looking a little more like a snowman autopsy :)

After dinner Matt started trying to 'get' William as he ran past him which turned into Matt having to 'get' all 4 kids which turned into a run around scream, roar, tickle fight. Fun times!!

Connor opted out of the game to sit in a chair and pose. Then figured while he was on the chair he might as well start jumping off of it :)

Then as we were about to open presents these two little love birds began posing, and posing, and posing. They informed us later in the evening that they were going to be married. Though we all thought they were a bit young there weren't any real arguments on the matter. Truth is we're all holding out for that exact announcement in about 20 years!

We attempted to get a picture of the 4 of them. Technically they all made it in the picture!

Then it was present time! The boys gave William and Isabella the movies Cars and Beauty and the Beast. They gave the boys a Toy Story 3 game (we LOVE games!) and a remote control fire truck. The guys got their usuals, coffee and scones for Matt and Nutella for Zach. Leslie gave me a little teapot, tea and Sugar in the Raw packets (my fav!) and I gave her Lineage of Grace (one of my favorite books and we have similar tastes so I know she'll love it) and a little chalkboard I made from a plate and chalkboard paint. Much excitement in all the openings!

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