Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas morning

We chose to spend Christmas morning at my parents' home in Alabama so we'd have more time with them before having to go to Atlanta on Friday for a wedding.  However, we ended up giving everyone the stomach bug we picked up from Zach's family so our time together was not exactly how we imagined it would be :(

Logan was sick Sunday, Connor was sick Sunday night and Monday, I got sick Christmas Day, my parents, brothers and sister in law the day after Christmas and my sister and Micah the next day.  So far Zach and my nieces have held out but me typing this may just push him over the edge :/

Thankfully I was good until after present opening so we were able to enjoy our Christmas morning very much.  The boys woke up around 6:45 and we all piled in our bed so Zach could read the Christmas story before we headed out to look under the tree.  Micah and Connor got two wheel razor scooters from Santa and Logan got a little wheelies car ramp.  Among other things were Mario Kart for the wii, legos, and a drum pad for Micah and cowboy boots, a paper jam guitar and microphone for Connor.  According to Micah his favorite things were the pack of gum and Dr. Pepper in his stocking.  Good to know he's that easy to please ;)

While I missed the majority of their playtime with their new toys I could hear the excitement through the walls and it made me more thankful (if that's even possible) for my awesome husband who did a great job making sure they had a great Christmas Day without me.

checking out the Santa tracker with Aunt Stina

After the elves finished their job

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