Monday, December 3, 2012

family photo shoot

When Micah turned one, our neighbor offered to take pictures of him and us for free because she was starting her own photography business and needed some samples.  I am so glad we did because from that shoot came a tradition to have a one year old photoshoot of each of our kids and from those we choose four to put on the wall of our kitchen.  My kitchen photo wall is my absolute favorite thing in my home.Shortly after this Zach got a lot more serious about his own photography hobby so getting great pictures of our family has always been pretty easy.

I knew I wanted to try to do Logan's pictures during our trip to Gainesville because they have an AWESOME park with a nature walk in the woods and on the walk is a covered bridge.  Fall leaves + covered bridge + adorable kids = YES PLEASE!  

Now keep in mind that family photoshoots for pretty much anybody never go smoothly.  There's usually a crier or pouter or goofy cheesy smiler which is why photographers make absolute fools of themselves during these things to make sure everyone looks good.  Our shoot was no different.  Logan wanted to eat crackers and leaves during all the pictures.  Connor refused to smile while all the time telling us he was smiling even though he just had a pained expression on his face.  So while the next pictures do not accurately portray the mood of the moment they are a glimpse of the fun personalities each of us have at our best :)

These are the four I"ve chosen for the Logan's spot on the wall.  While they be in black and white in the house check them out in color here.

Since Zach already had his camera out he suggested to his family that they should get all spiffed up so he could take a picture of each of their little families too.  

Nana, Poppy and their 7 grandchildren

Tony, Jessica, Leah, Elias, and Elana Bermudez

Tom, Linda, and Joel May

Jered, Katie and Elodie McKenna

Andrew, Krista and Annie May


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