Tuesday, May 14, 2013

birthday at the bouncy place

Per Connor's party request Zach and I took Connor, Micah, Logan, William and Silas to the bouncy place last Friday afternoon.  I will skip telling you about the ridiculous anxiety I had the whole time because when  we got there we found out an afterschool program was bringing 50+ kids there at the exact same time.  Just go with the first stereotype of afterschool children behavior and the adults who watch them and add my brain and you'll understand.

All the boys had a great time and were good listeners but pretty much refused to stay still long enough to get any kind of picture except for Mr. William who finally stopped for me once :) Every time I asked my boys they just said cheese while still running and when I asked Silas he did his best to stay still for a micro second before he darted like a little squirrel to the next thing.

After about two hours they were ready to call it quits and head to Scoops for some ice cream.  Then Zach treated them each to a quarter to use for the bubble gum machine.  

The highlight for me was driving all except Micah in the car.  I love listening to the conversations of a group of kids because they always crack me up.  On the way from the bouncy place to Scoops we played a game of "Let's not eat ice cream, Let's eat _____________"  suggestions included cars, bricks, shoes, Logan, poopy, grass, etc.  You get the picture ;)

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