Tuesday, May 14, 2013

birthday day

Connor's 4th birthday started out with the birthday breakfast of his choice which was waffles and hot tea.

We spent the morning at school to watch Micah in field day and spent the afternoon playing in the backyard with the 'new' pitchback net we got at the mission team's yard sale.

Before we went out for his birthday dinner he opened his presents.  Zach and I got him a sword and sheath and Prince Caspian.  Micah picked out a new foam woodgrain bat and ball, a knight cape and a shield so he could dress up like Peter (Narnia Peter not Pan Peter).

Then it was off to the most random birthday dinner spot thus far, Panda Express.

Then home for some birthday angel cake with strawberries and cool whip.  His Daddy's favorite is becoming his apparently :)

Happy Birthday Connor!!

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  1. How cute is it that he wanted hot tea with breakfast?!