Thursday, May 9, 2013

kindergarten field trippin'

Tuesday I got to go on Micah's field trip to the zoo without his little brothers tagging along.  The rare treat of being with just my oldest baby and getting to see him hang out with his friends was such a blessing!  Big thanks to Hannah for watching the two crazies for me!

We walked around with his friend Charlie and his mom and his friend Griffin and his grandmother and another boy from his class.  6 year old boys are so funny and not unlike 30 year old boys if you wanna know the truth.  They talk about weird stuff, make weird faces, and laugh at weird things but the difference is they look adorable doing it!

The animals were in good moods that morning and totally showing off.  We saw the rhino closer than we ever had before and got a great view of the Lion and his lioness.  The Kindergartners had just done animal projects for class so we got a close up look at the snakes that Micah and Charlie had picked, a Black Mamba and a Green Anaconda.  

After seeing all the animals they wanted, I used my fun pass to get the boys on the train and they got to sit on  the very back which is apparently the best place to sit.  The other little boy who was with us had never gotten to ride a train before so it was really fun to see him enjoy it.  The last thing we did before lunch was the rock wall.  Micah had never done it before and he made it halfway up but then kept slipping and decided to stop.  I was so proud that he didn't freak out!


I loved spending the day with my Micah May!

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