Tuesday, May 28, 2013

memorial day

About a month ago I made some fun plans with my family for Memorial Day.  They were all going to Montgomery for a Biscuits game Sunday night and we were going to meet them down there Monday to go to the zoo and then head to spend the week in Enterprise because school is out and we were finally free to go down there and see everyone.

Then this happened and instead I am spending the week packing and cleaning, not visiting.  However I am not complaining because #1 after a 4 year process we are moving #2 our plan B was pretty darn great.

Zach, the boys and I went on a quick shopping trip Monday morning to the outlets to get Micah some non school clothes and picked up a couple goodies for ourselves i.e. some nike running shorts for me so I can be like all the cool kids at school ;)

After rest time we went to Arabia Mountain with the Cardozas and Donovan and Grace to run out some energies, get some exercise and enjoy the gorgeous albeit hot weather :-)  The kids had a great time and Logan actually stayed in the hiking carrier the whole time which made the trip way easier.  Maybe he can actually make it through Stone Mountain this summer!?

We decided to celebrate our journey by going to the Cardozas grilling out and playing cornhole :)  
Fun impromptu day!

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