Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My goal is to do some actual sit down preschool work with Connor each day.  Some days it happens and some it doesn't but when it does it is usually pretty brief.  His sit down includes practicing writing his name, reviewing one letter and how to write it and what it's sound is and some counting (up to 100) and number recognition.  There is a lot more stuff I'd like to do with him but considering our distraction during any structured time it proves quite difficult.

Meet our distraction...
Connor usually gets about 45 seconds of alone time before someone  joins in.
 Today he just climbed in the chair behind him, 

sat right down, 

and grabbed his back, hands, arms and face.

After yelling "MOVE LOGAN!" Connor agreed to give me a couple grins.

so cute!

Then I gave Logan his own 'work' to do

but don't be fooled by his smile.

After 1 minute he got tired of it and climbed up on the table.

and then promptly shoved more crayon into his mouth.


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