Monday, August 19, 2013

21 months

Oh that sweet Logi bear.  Last week was Logan's 21 month day and it has been QUITE some time since I've written an official what's Logan up to post.  Mainly because he's up to most everything and into most everything at every waking moment that talking about it would take too long and be too exhausting!

Now Logan is growing and learning lots of positive things, tons of new words, putting words together in sentences, recognizes some colors, but I'm not going to share about all that, instead I'm just sharing some of my favorite pictures from the last few months and three of my favorite Logi Bear adventures.

Crazy Logan...

* opened up a jar of baby vapo rub and smeared it all over his glider

* was yelling from his bed and when I went to check on him discovered he had taken off his diaper and was yelling "pee pee dat" because he had peed all over his mattress.

*  after he had his bath and his clean jammies on, Zach walked out of the bathroom for 30 seconds and in that time he smeared toothpaste all over his face and shirt and opened the body wash and poured it all over the bathroom rug.

This boy simultaneously frustrates and blesses me.  I love his expressions and his smile, his laugh and his ridiculously loud voice.  He is my precious, crazy Logi Bear.

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