Friday, August 2, 2013

catching up

This was our last week of summer and there was LOTS of catching up to do from being gone the week before and LOTS of to dos to do to get ready for school.  Every day was JAM PACKED with errands, cleaning, and fun activities.

To name a few....

Micah has been learning how to blow up balloons during Sunday night playtime
while the adults are doing the Truth Project

Micah had a cross bite thing put in behind his top teeth.  
Two days we had an unplanned visit back to have a wire pushed back into place.

He has to wear it for six months.  It's job is to center the bite and make space for that pesky ol' tooth to FINALLY come down.

Silas and Evie came over two mornings this week to play while Steph went to physical therapy.  Her summer sitters (Leslie and her MIL) went back to work this week so to the May house they come :)

We've had nothing but drama with the boy's big pool this summer.  First the yard was to wet to clean up and make a space, then after cleaning out and setting up the pool it had three different leaks, now we can't find a replacement :(  We went outside to play and the decided splashing in an inch deep of dirty water would be amazing.  I personally thought it was nasty!

I hosted a swap meet at my house. We had about ten girls show up with all their unwanted stuff and traded out.  I took the remainders to Goodwill.  It was a really fun time!

All the boys in the house had a cold this week.  The biggest boy included!  So I made chicken noodle soup for the first time.  Still not sure why I've never made it before, but good timing to help rejuvenate everyone.

The perks to illness is LOTS of cuddles :)

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