Tuesday, August 20, 2013

lunch date

I decided to go ahead and share my date with my middle man.  We went to lunch at Dairy Queen and got the 5 buck lunch.  The manager brought Connor a cup of sprinkles to put on his ice cream as well which just added to the excitement!

After lunch we went to Children's Place and Kohl's and I let him pick out a new school outfit.  The plan was to only get one but Kohl's was having some MAJOR end of season clearance sales and since all his clothes are hand me downs I let him pick out a few more.  I saw tons and tons for Logan for next summer but since I figured he already had some in storage I restrained.  It was not easy!!

Listening to Connor talk is one of my favorite things and he pretty much does it non stop.  However, it's not easy to really listen when we're at home and everyone else is around.  I got to hear LOTS on our outing and laughed a lot.  My favorite part of the whole thing was watching him try on his clothes in the dressing room.  He did a different baseball style stance with each outfit to make sure it could stand up to playtime.  His favorite was when I let him ride up and then back down the escalator all by himself.  NUT!

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