Thursday, August 15, 2013

running the bases

We had an AMAZINGLY fun time with Micah and Connor at the Braves game last Sunday.  The only thing that might have made it the perfect day was a temperature not in the upper 90s but we were in the shade and had plenty of water!

We have been trying to go to a Sunday game all season because after the game kids get to go on the field and run the bases.  The last two we planned for got moved to the Sunday night game and the disappointment for Micah was just huge.  This game made up for it all.  We saw Freddy, one of Micah's favorite players, hit a homerun and Evan Gattis, another of Micah's favorites, was playing and had some great hits.  

Around the 7th inning I went and stood in the run the bases line and it was a good thing I did.  The lines starts on the bottom level of a four level ramp and I was midway to the second level by the middle of the 7th.  By the end of the game when the boys came to join me the line was past the 4th level and winding around the upper deck.  Let that be a hint to all of you who want to do this with your kiddos one day!

After the game was over it didn't take long for our turn to get on the field and we were all so excited to walk on it.  We weren't allowed on the grass, you have to pay for that experience, but for free we walked on the dirt sides, peered inside the dug out, and two very excited boys got to run around the REAL bases on the REAL field and get a free Braves I ran the bases Tshirt and a certificate.  It was one of the best things I've watched my boys experience because I could see how excited they were about it all.  

It'll be so exciting in a few years when we take all three of them to do it!

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