Monday, August 19, 2013

first day of pre k

 Connor had his first day of pre K today and he was soooo excited!  I had taken him on a special date last week to get some new school clothes and have lunch just the two of us.  Since that day he has had his outfit picked out and has been talking non stop about getting to go.

He is going to Zion Baptist Church Weekday Preschool on Mondays-Thursdays from 9-12.  It fits perfectly into our day.  It's not too long, gives plenty of time for Logan's nap before we get Micah, and gives us Fridays off to do whatever we want.  He was also really excited after open house last night because he has a take home folder in his bag just like Micah has at school.  Anything to be like a big boy makes him happy, happy, happy!

He had a GREAT day today and started telling me all about his day as soon as he hopped in the car.  My favorite part of his explanation was him telling us the story Mrs. Heather read today...

There was Sam the Shark and he went CRUNCH and they said Oh No Sam don't eat the books.  Then CRUNCH and they said Oh No Sam don't eat the paint paper.  Then CRUNCH Oh No Sam don't eat your school friends!  (At this point he stopped telling the story and looked at Micah and said "Then hiccuped and spit them all out and they were STILL alive.  That is not possible)  Then CRUNCH oh no said the kids don't eat your teacher.  and he didn't.

Oh my heart.  There were no tears from either one of us.  He was just too excited to bring me to tears.  I had a big ol' smile though :)

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