Saturday, February 15, 2014

cheetah box

Connor came home from Pre K with a shoe box and instructions to decorate it however he wanted.  My animal loving boy immediately picked his favorite animal to don the box.  A Cheetah.  

The two of us had a great time one afternoon, whilst the Logan bear was sleeping, turning his box into a Cheetah.  Connor worked super hard and would not let me do ANY of it by myself.  He HAD to help with EVERY part.  We scoured the craft room for supplies, looked up images on Google, and had his toy cheetah on the table for inspiration.

Then, because I'm an amazing mother, he filled out his Valentine's 20 minutes before we left for school because I didn't realize they were supposed to be turned in with the box on Monday morning.  Thankfully I had already gotten the stuff for them a few weeks ago because when my brain thinks of something I have to do in right then for fear that it will be lost and gone forever :)

Due to snow/ice storm number 2 they didn't have school on the day of their party.  He is out all next week for Winter Break so on February 23rd they'll finally get to pass out their Valentine's.  Bless their hearts!

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