Monday, February 10, 2014

going to carolina

This past weekend we went up to North Carolina to attend a fundraiser concert for our cousin Watts.  He is an awesome little boy that was diagnosed with Infant ALL (leukemia) last spring.  The concert wasn't until Saturday night but we headed up Friday night to stay with the Garretts (Yay!!!) who are very good friends that moved from Covington to Waxhaw last fall (Boo!!!)

Jeff and Rebekah have three kids also and their oldest, Sawyer, was one of Micah's best friends.  They're third, Griffin, is a few months younger than Logan and almost looks like he could be his twin.  They are also both cute trouble makers.  The cute part helps them both out daily when the trouble part is active!  They're 2nd is a girl named Lucy who is used to hanging with the boys and loves babies so she's pretty much perfect for this crowd.  Needless to say the six of them had a BLAST and seriously only stopped when they were sleeping.

The grownups had a blast too with lots of good conversation and even a girl's trip out for some pedis!

Jeff and Rebekah were awesome and watched the boys for us while we drove with Zach's aunt, uncle and some cousins two hours north to Greensboro, NC for the concert.  Andrew Peterson had been invited by one of the elders for the concert because he is one of Hannah and Michael's, along with Zach's, favorites.  He did an amazing job of sharing great songs, stories, full of Truth and Hope.  I teared up several times, as  countless others, including AP.   We also got to catch up with family and give Hannah and Michael huge hugs which we'd both been wanting to do for almost a year now.

If you would like to know more about Watts' story check out Hannah's blog or

Donations to help with medical bills can be sent to 
1825 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, NC 27403

Just put Watts' name in your check memo or include a note if you are sending cash

We live in a fallen world therefore suffering comes in so many ways, to all different people, but alongside of those difficult experiences are countless sweet reminders of God's faithfulness that give encouragement and hope and bring Glory to Himself through the lives and actions of others

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