Monday, February 24, 2014

winter break

Here's a few photos from our quick trip down to Enterprise...

I did little girl manicures

Went on a lunch date with this handsome fella

Saki Sushi yum!

Hung out with crazy nieces

and a crazier logi bear

Watched Connor, Micah and Haley play HOURS of football

Visited my old dance studio to watch my Kayden Boo in class

Put dishes away for my mom and played around with her cool stuff 

Checked Haley and Keelie out of school and took the oldest four Keel Cousins out to lunch.  

Took the boys picture in semi in front of the Bollweevil for the first time

We also watched lots of Olympics, played two games of Settlers and went to Stina's (my sis in laws) teacher talent show.  All in a span of two and a half days!

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