Monday, February 3, 2014

snow days

Last Tuesday we got the first snow we've gotten in three years.  It was Logan's first experience ever with snow and the first time Connor can remember since he was 18 months the last time. 

They all loved it, though Micah stayed out the longest every time.  Connor would be great and then all of a sudden hit his cold limit and immediately act as if he was freezing to death and if he didn't go inside immediately to drink hot chocolate and build a fire he would die.  Logan usually came in when Connor came in and then Micah and Zach would stay out until Micah either got too tired, too wet or too hungry.

We spent Tuesday afternoon playing outside, having snowball fights, building a snowman, playing on the fort and hitting snowballs with the bat.  When we woke up the next morning there was even more and our driveway was completely iced over.  It was excellent for sliding down!  We tried out a laundry basket with a leash attached for dragging, a cardboard box and a cookie sheet before we decided that a long, skinny piece of pressboard leftover in the garage made the best sled.  It was flexible and light and slick on one side.  

After about an hour or so three little girls and their mama from up the street were taking a walk and we quickly realized that one of the girls is in Micah's class at school.  They stayed and played for a while though none were brave enough to slide.  They enjoyed watching my boys act like fools though!

After lunch most of the roads were fine and thankfully Zach had parked our cars on the street the night before so we wouldn't get stuck at the top of our icy driveway.  Zach and Micah went to a big hill in Porterdale which is just a few minutes away to sled some more and Micah also practiced his snowboarding skills.  He did a great job and his daddy is already planning many a skiing snowboarding trips in his head.  They came home to rest and then Zach took Micah and Connor back out.

By Thursday our driveway was fine and the snow wasn't sticky enough to make snowballs with so we stayed inside and played, ate and watched movies.  Friday school got called again but I'm pretty sure it's because we already had a half day planned and since it was supposed to be well below freezing in the morning they didn't want little kiddies waiting for a bus outside.  Smart move!

Snow Day Pros:
* All members of the family like snow
* Zach used great judgement in not driving in Tuesday morning therefore he did not get stuck in SnowJam 2014 which would have made him miss playing with the boys and left me alone with three boys in the snow!
*  Daisy frolicked!! If only for 30 seconds it was sweet to see.

Snow Day Cons:
* wet, wet, everywhere inside
* the laundry, oh the laundry
* running out of firewood and hot chocolate by day 2

Getting one good snow a year would be fine by me but I'm so thankful we don't live in a place with long, snowy winters!

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