Saturday, February 15, 2014

ice is back

We were out of school again this past week on Wednesday-Friday because of snow and ice.  There were A LOT of areas in Georgia that got hit much worse than a couple weeks ago but we did not.  All day Wednesday it sleeted and then there was some frozen rain.  By 4:30 the boys did not want to be cooped up in longer so they braved the outdoors with Zach while I stayed inside.  Snow is fun but being pelted with frozen rain is not my favorite :)  They made some snowcones and did whatever else boys do when there is not a mama around to tell them to be careful.

We played outside for a little bit on Thursday morning but everything was already starting to melt.  Our driveway was nothing but slush so the sleds wouldn't go down it.   We played with all the icicles and other random stuff in the yard.  It started raining and we were soaked so we spent the rest of the day inside with a fire and playdoh among other things.  

I am getting way too spoiled this winter with not having to get up with an alarm and with Zach being home almost everyday.  I'll be excited for warmer spring weather but I sure am soaking in the time together inside.

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