Sunday, February 9, 2014

sunday song

God has been teaching me a lot about what it means to have an identity based in Christ, of knowing what it truly feels like to be His child.  I am learning that I am so much to Him and that He wants to use me, even me, for His Kingdom.

When Ben Shive sang this song at BTLOG this year it immediately pricked my heart.  The first time I heard the line about remembering how much light you have a warmth flooded through me.  All of us, who belong to Him, through our Savior have this wondrous light to shine. Despite what WE may feel about our abilities, weaknesses, pasts, etc HE uses all of that and us to shine a light in the darkness.  

when you go from here
take only what you need
and all you need is the word that you believed
a lamp to light the road before your feet

Remember how much light you have
And I can't go with you
but you won't be alone
My spirit in your head will lead you home

And though the world won't know you
though you won't be received
one day you'll shake the dust off of your feet

So remember how much light you have
how much light you have

And the voice that ignites the stars in the sky
spoke in your heart to spark a fire that won't die
so don't hide it away
hold ig up high
til the souls in the dark behold a marvelous light

And remember how much light you have
How much light you have

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