Tuesday, January 27, 2015

bike trail

On MLK day we took the boys to bike on the South Rockdale River Trail.  The county has put together a great system of bike paths and part of it is a 2.5 mile trail from the Monastery to a local elementary school.  The day was gorgeous, the boys had great attitudes even while struggling up and down the really big hills we weren't expecting and we made some great memories.  Well I definitely did so I'm hoping they did too!  

It took us an hour to bike the 2.5 mile trail.  There was lots of resting and pushing bikes up hills and an extended pit stop at the bridge for pictures and discussion on whether or not the logs were alligators.  When we finally arrived at the school we had a picnic lunch and played on the playground.  Micah and I also played an epic game of name that state on their sidewalk map.  He's really good!  Zach decided that everyone was in such great moods that we shouldn't press our luck with a return trip so he rode back to get the car and pick us up.  By himself, he made it in 14 minutes.  Such a perfect example of what it's like to do anything with kids, but totally worth it!

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