Thursday, January 15, 2015

moving onward into goals

Of all the things that were on my goal list for 2014 there were many that didn't get completed or even started but of everything, the things I am most happy about are how much reading I was able to do (25 books in one year and I loved 90% of them) and how much my relationships changed and grew.  My relationship with the Lord, with my husband, my children and my friends (and some new friends) have grown tremendously and that far outweighs any and every unaccomplished goal.

As for this year, I pray to be honest with myself about what is unnecessary and build margin into my life.  Resting, waiting and being able to say no instead of always doing and saying yes out of guilt or expectation.  Pressing onward and making steps to our desired future and the future God has ready for us.

           *  continued daily prayer time and journaling.
                * Focus on stopping throughout the day to pray and praying with Zach at night.
            * devotion time with the boys
            *  make goals for Children’s Church and accomplish them
               *  at least one day of fasting
               *  set aside time for a spiritual retreat
               *  attend a women's conference of some kind
               *  1,000 gifts list
               *  continue with women’s group and sharing transparently
               *  invest in younger girls’ lives and find an older woman to invest in mine

            *  earlier bedtime
            *  eat healthier (more water, less Dr. P , sugar and carbs)
            *  Crossfit 3 days a week
               *  Try running 1 day a week
            *  be diligent with taking vitamins
           *  engage in more physical activity with the boys
               * 1 race/challenge or more

            *  reevaluate family budget and stick to it
            *  patient with spending $$ on wants
            *  pay off  student loans
            *  organize paper work with a filing system
               *  keep emergency cash in the house
               * set up allowance system for Micah and Connor

Professional/Home life
               * sell or continue renting little house
               * find a home to purchase and be patient in the remodeling/redecorating
            * reevaluate then keep up cleaning schedule and weekly goals list
               * work on scrapbooks
               * organize videos and pictures on computer
* begin making yearly photobooks
            * refurbish list
            *  try 3 new recipes per month
            *  read independently and discuss at least one book with Micah
            *  Reading and writing practice with Connor
               *  begin letters and numbers with Logan and start preschool
            *  limit time on facebook and other social media a.k.a PUT PHONE DOWN

Relational/Friends and Family
            *  one special date with Zach a month
               *  Sunday night at home dates
               *  one outing or date a month with M and C
               *  prayer about foster to adopt and go through training process
            *  at least monthly hangout with friends out or at home
            *  be in tune enough to reach out to the needs of others small or large
            *  being open in my requests for prayer and in my asking of friends and family for their prayer needs    
                   as well
           *   plan a fun weekend getaway with 1) a group of girl friends 2)mother and sisters on each side


  1. I have always had a heart to foster/adopt too. So many of the things on your list are also on mine. I love your perspective though. Here's to a great year!

    1. I finally figured out how to add the reply feature so forgive the insane amounts of updates you're about to get as I answer some of your past questions :) I loved your list as well!