Sunday, January 11, 2015

shooting hoops

Micah and Connor had the first official basketball games this weekend.  Here are a few lessons I learned during my first Saturday as a basketball mama.

1)  UPward is pretty awesome
2) My boys look cute in any uniform
3)  The buzzer is LOUD.  Like obnoxiously loud.  I must have blocked this out from all my childhood mornings watching my brothers at the Y.
4)  It's cold outside during basketball season.
5)  Because of said cold you either let your child's legs freeze on the trip from the car to the gym or you figure out how to maneuver pants over shoes because untying, taking off and retying is for the birds.
6)  Logan can only sit through two games in a row if you buy him popcorn.
7)  Their concession stand rocks and had fresh made biscuits for the early morning games.  MMMMM!

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