Thursday, January 1, 2015

word of the year

A new year always brings on new goals and new focuses.  I think this is my fifth year picking a specific word to let lead my focus in making those goals for all aspects of my life from my spiritual walk to how I decorate our house and all roles in between.  It's a great exercise for me and not just because I like thematic things all wrapped up in a package.  It's great because it requires thought and planning, quiet introspection, and something to build upon so that you aren't floundering in the midst of desires, needs and ideas with nothing to connect it all together.  

Zach and I were chatting in the car on the way back from my parents house when I shared with him my new word.  This year's word was easy to choose.  Almost as easy as last years which still remains my favorite that God has ever led me to!  I shared yesterday about my desire to take all the new wisdom and character that God guided, pushed and sometimes dragged me to throughout the year and have a do-over for 2014.  Do over the hard stuff with new thoughts and do over the great stuff with new appreciation and joy.  However at the end...

"A do-over is not possible, we don't get to go back and change what we screwed up and we only get to relive the past in our memories, but we can take all of the lessons, heartache and joys with us into the future which is where I'm taking mine and Lord willing there will be plenty more to add this time next year."

2014 was a rebuilding year of sorts.  A continuous path to get back to level ground and God was so faithful in that journey.  However in all aspects of my life I am ready to rise above that plane.  That is why my word this year is onward.  


  1.                                                       in a continuing forward direction; ahead.
  3.                                                                          adjective

  1.                                 going further rather than coming to an end or halt; moving forward.


I love the definition.  I love the thought of a continuous forward motion, of going further rather than coming to a halt.  So many word pictures immediately enter my mind from books, movies and personal experiences.  Onward doesn't mean quickly.  It doesn't mean crossing the finish line first or even finding the finish line anytime soon.  It means not quitting and not giving up, whether sprinting or struggling for every step, there is no halt there is only moving forward.

When making my goals for this year in the categories of spiritual, relational, professional, financial, and physical I am praying that God will open my eyes to ways my family needs to start striving toward in the future, not so much to get them completed this year but to start the process of onward focus in those areas to set up habits that will be a part of our lives and actions forever.  Things that will guide us in rising above our current level and stretching toward the life God continuously leads us to.

I'm very excited and somewhat nervous about what will come about, but I pray to continue to rest in that Hope of knowing that His promises are true, now and forever.  

Zach informed me not ten minutes ago that a very popular blogger chose a very similar word to mine for almost identical reasons.  Instead of feeling frustrated I am choosing to feel encouraged that so many people are needing and feeling the same thing.  But I promise these specific thoughts are all mine. 

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  1. I really like that! I hadn't seen anyone else use that word, but I would probably react the same way you did. You are right though. Be encouraged! We are in a similar season and I expecting to rise above and move on this year as well.